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These tests will normally be taken on a computer, either at your home, a test centre or assessment day. Questions will be multiple-choice and you will normally have a limited amount of time to answer, so you'll be expected to work quickly. Spatial...

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Questions involving the manipulation of three-dimensional objects are significantly more difficult. This is one skill that can be significantly improved with practice. Your test score will usually be compared to a norm group. Each employer will have...

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Examples Of IQ Questions With Answers

These are often put in by the test designers to trap the unsuspecting. The shapes in Group B are also rotations of each other. However, none of the shapes in Group A are rotations of those in Group B. Visual Comparison — Two Dimensional In these types of question, you will be presented with several objects, only two of which are identical. Once again, these are speed questions and you will need to work quickly and attempt to answer as many as possible in the given time. Example Question Which two pictures are identical? Spatial Awareness Test Answer: C and E are the only two pictures that are identical The best strategy for these types of questions is to begin with the shape on the left and work through the shapes to the right of it, systematically looking for an exact match.

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Abstract Reasoning Test Questions & Answers

When you are confronted with a question like this that asks you to compare several different shapes, the other answer options can be distracting. It is much easier and less mentally tiring to cover the other shapes and concentrate only on the two shapes that you are comparing. Group Rotation — Two Dimensional This is slightly more complex than the rotations in the two-dimensional shape matching question. Which of the answer figures is a rotation of the question figure?

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The best strategy is to choose the most asymmetrical shape in the group — in this case, the arrow. Then determine how the shape would look going clockwise, anticlockwise and opposite. In the example above, the white square is clockwise from the arrow. This means that A, B and D cannot be rotations of the question figure. This leaves only C as a possibility, which can quickly be checked element by element. Combining Two—Dimensional Shapes These questions show you a series of two-dimensional shapes. One of the shapes has been cut up into pieces. The questions present you with the pieces and you are asked to work out which of the shapes has been cut-up. Example Question Which of the complete shapes can be made from the components shown?

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Spatial Awareness Test Answer: B The best strategy for answering these questions is to look at the complete shapes and see if there are any distinct features that would make it impossible to construct such a shape from the components. Sometimes there are one or two shapes that can be immediately discounted based on size alone. This reduces the number of combinations considerably.

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Cube Views in Three Dimensions These questions show you several usually three views of a three-dimensional cube with unique symbols or markings on each face and then asks you a question about it. For example, which symbol is on the opposite face? Example Question Three views of the same cube are shown above. Which symbol is opposite the X? Spatial Awareness Test Answer: D Some people seem to have a natural talent for imagining objects in three dimensions and find these questions straightforward. In the question above, for example, you can simply use a process of elimination. The second and third cubes eliminate A, B and C. D has edges shared with A and B, which would be consistent with the third cube illustrated. Therefore, D is correct. Although it is not usually specified in the instructions, it is almost always true that in these questions each symbol is used only once. This means that even in cases where elimination is not possible, it is sometimes quite easy to see the solution without mentally manipulating the cube too much.

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Sample Questions For Pattern Recognition Skills

In the example above, you can simply compare the first and third illustrations. The third illustration shows a degree anticlockwise rotation looking at the cube from above of the first illustration. Cubes in Two and Three Dimensions These questions show a flat two-dimensional pattern that can be folded to make a cube. The answer options will usually be four three-dimensional cubes. The pattern and the cubes have symbols or markings on each face. You need to look at the pattern and decide which of the cubes, if any, could be made from it. Example Question Which of the cubes shown could be made from the pattern? Spatial Awareness Test Answer: A The key to these questions is to remember that only three faces of the cube can be shown in the illustration, this means that you need only consider the relationship between the three visible elements on each cube and see if the same relationship exists in the pattern.

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Visual Patterns And Shapes IQ Practice Test

Spatial Awareness Test Answer: D Shape A can be eliminated because it shows an unshaded face below a triangular face, both of these faces below the triangular face are shaded on the pattern. Shape C can be eliminated for the same reason. Shape B can be eliminated as it has a shaded roof above the shaded side, which does not appear on the pattern. Once again, you can reduce these problems to the relationship between the visible elements on the three-dimensional picture. This makes things easier because even though the solid shape may have more faces than a cube, it is unusual for more than four faces to be shown. This means that you need to consider the relationship between the four visible faces, paying particular attention to shading or other patterns on them.

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Logical Reasoning Test

Install This intelligence test is yet another variant of Raven's standard progressive matrices. They got their name according to their creator John C. Raven, who developed them in as a non-verbal test of abstract thinking. Fluid intelligence is a core component of g — your general intelligence. This test tests the understanding of the complexity of patterns, the ability to store and retrieve information. It provides insight into the ability to observe, solve problems and learn. The test measures only a subset of intellectual abilities. Based on this, valid conclusions can not be drawn about the overall intelligence of the person, the results are approximate. Though this type of test is used in particular in clinical or counseling psychological practice, it is recommended to contact specialists if you really need to determine your IQ accuratelly.

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Spatial Awareness Test

Those specialists may consider more aspects that influences your overall intelligence. The IQ Test comprises of 60 questions which in turn are gradually more complex. Respondents choose geometric shapes to properly complete larger images. Read more.

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Strategies For How To Solve Ravens Matrices IQ Problems

Masoud N. Ahari Welcome to Raven's progressive matrices online test page… Answer 60 questions in 40 minutes and know your IQ score. Test Your IQ. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A2. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A3. The best and most popular intelligence test of all time A3. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A4. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A5. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A6.

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IQ Test Raven S Advanced Progressive Matrices (1)

Learn More, Study Less A8. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A8. Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A9. The Millionaire's Brain A Advanced progressive matrices raven test online A B1 B1. How to solve a Raven's IQ test? Raven test last question.

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Sample Questions For Visual Skills

Get Our Abstract Reasoning Practice Test What to Expect on an Abstract Reasoning Test Abstract reasoning tests are designed to be challenging, to differentiate between candidates and to identify the maximum performance they are capable of. They usually have tight time scales and questions that rapidly increase in difficulty. This means that you will need to identify more rules to solve the problems and that the complexity of these rules is likely to increase. Abstract reasoning tests use diagrams, symbols or shapes instead of words or numbers. They involve identifying the underlying logic of a pattern and then determining the solution. Questions tend to involve the repetition or change of the following: Shape Colour Pattern Abstract reasoning questions use symbols arranged in a straight line or a pattern.

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Diagrammatic Reasoning Test: S Of Free Practice Tests

You are required to identify the missing symbol or the next in the sequence. You can expect to be given slightly longer time for these questions than for verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning questions. Thirty minutes to complete 20 questions would be typical. Get Our Abstract Reasoning Practice Test Abstract Reasoning Question Types While there are many permutations of question types and formats, there are some general concepts which are common; it's useful to familiarise yourself with these. Which Figure Completes the Sequence? Abstract Reasoning Tests This type of question requires you to identify and understand the pattern behind the order in which the shapes are presented. In this series, the black rectangle is alternating from top to bottom and the number of white squares is increasing by one each time. Answer: A 2. Which Figure Completes the Statement? Abstract Reasoning Tests This type of question is all about relationships between data: being able to recognise what links two boxes together and then apply this rule to a new shape to solve the problem.

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Shape Iq Test Patterns And Visual Iq Test - Analogy And Logical Reasoning Practice Tests

Begin by comparing the top figures. Does each one contain the same number of elements? If so, does each contain the same elements? If so, the elements must have been moved in some way. This is usually done by reflection or rotation. Answer: C 3. Abstract Reasoning Tests This type of question requires you to look at some data, identify the pattern or rules, and then spot which square does not meet those rules. Watch out for relative position, number of items, relationship between items, colour, shape, and orientation of shapes: there are many different variations on these rules and there may be some extraneous data in there that complicates the rules. For this question, begin by looking at the elements in each figure. Are there the same number in each? Are they the same? If so, then look at the configuration. Answer: A 4. Identify the Missing Square Abstract Reasoning Tests This type of question requires you to look at the patterns in the squares and understand their relationship to one another to identify the missing square.

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Maths Iq Questions With Answers Pdf

Begin by looking for a relationship between the figures in the top row. If you think you have found one, then check that the same relationship holds for the second row. Answer: C 5. Which Figure Completes the Grid? Abstract Reasoning Tests You will need to understand the relationships between the objects in the grid to be able to identify which objects will complete the grid. Check to see if each row and column contains one, and only one, of each shape. If not, then divide the grid horizontally and vertically. Are they reflections? If not, are individual rows related in some way? What about individual columns? If not, divide the grid into four groups of four squares to see if there is a relationship between these groups. The questions consist of flowcharts or process diagrams and measure your ability to follow a series of logical instructions or to infer rules presented using symbols. These types of questions are particularly suited to information technology jobs, because they closely mirror how analysts and programmers approach software design.

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Even if you are not applying for an IT-based job, it is worth familiarising yourself with this type of question as they can and do appear in more general abstract reasoning tests, particularly where the job requires analysis of business processes. Diagrammatic Reasoning Question Types In the first example, the diagram shows 'inputs' and 'outputs' made up of short 'strings' of letters. The 'operators' or 'processes' are shown in the small boxes. You need to determine what effect each of the 'operators' or 'processes' is having on the 'input' in order to produce the 'output' shown. Abstract Reasoning Tests The type of operations or processes you can expect include things like: Swapping letters Adding letters Removing letters In this diagram, the black diamond appears twice and must be having the same effect each time.

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Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Keep in mind that the results of these free IQ tests aren't official and are just meant for fun. You can visit Mensa International to find out how to take the official IQ test. Looking for a different kind of online test? Take a free personality test to find out more about how you tick. A timer at the top right corner tracks how long you're taking to complete the test. Your IQ is shown at the end of the test, where you can share your score with others, view the correct answers, and see some IQ estimates of well-known people in history. This site also lets you sign up for IQ questions over email where you'll get one question each day.

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Once your answers have been scored, you can see how your IQ test results are to be understood. This includes things like Normal for a score of 90—, and Genius for anything over You'll need to provide your name, country, age, and gender. The test is broken down into different parts to test different things, including memory, perception, word comprehension, visual designs, logic, spatial relations, numerical sequences, and creativity.

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